And out the door I went....


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Jun 5, 2014
LG Region NY
So last night around 9pm I realized that my next 6 weekends are tied up and my next free weekend isnt until the 3rd week of July! And im sure that will be planned out for me by the time that comes around. So at 4 this morning before work like a nut I pulled the camper out of the backyard and dragged it to work with me so right after i can go camping at a local SP. Of course the rest of the family had other plans but it didnt stop me! When ya gotta go-ya gotta go! So im solo camping this weekend but so glad I did. I guess the moral to this is JUST GO CAMPING!


Apr 20, 2016
Anyone else thinking "one bourbon, one scotch, one beer"?

So happy for you. Still have my camper up in camp driveway stocking and figuring it all out. We are booked through next weekend so I hope to finally go 2 weeks from now.

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