Angastora Park - near Hot Springs


Jul 16, 2015
We camped at Angastora Park, just outside of Hot Springs for 4 days this month. We were looking for something near Mt. Rushmore. Because of the lateness of our making plans, we were limited in our choices. We ended up at Angastora as that had openings available.

The campground is spread into 3 campground clusters along the east side of Lake Angastora and is located about 5 miles from Hot Springs. It is a 45 min drive to Keystone and more if you want to go to Sylvia Lake.

The campground has full electrical and a central bathhouse and water in each of the campgrounds. The sites were flat with trees throughout the park. Sites were not so close that you were on top of one another - comfortable by most standards. The park was clean and because of the time of the year, mostly empty until the weekend. We had frost a couple of mornings so the electric was nice for heat in the night.

The bath house was nice and showers clean. Not many users as most were self-contained and probably stayed away from those facilities. OK for us as we used them daily. The beaches looked nice but we didn’t use them as we were touring the area and were there only at night. Things got real quiet after about 7 (cool weather kept folks inside).

The only downside is the distance from the local sights. Where ever you are in the area (unless you are in the southern part of Custer SP), you are 45 minutes to the campground. It’s not a bad thing, only a consideration when choosing where to stay. We were at Mt. Rushmore for their evening lighting and ceremony and we left at 9:00pm and were back at the campsite after 10pm - partly because of the wait to get out of the park. Again, if you plan for that, no worries.


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Oct 15, 2006
Dukes, Fl
Sounds like y'all enjoyed the CG even tho is was a farther distance than you wanted, sounds like the CG was nice tho sometimes we all have to give up something to get what we want and hope we made the correct decision. Good luck and Keep On Camping