Anniversary of loss, and a special event.

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    Last year around this time, we had suffered multiple losses in the family. My brother in law succomed to colon cancer, and both my Dad, and my Father in Law passed away in close succession both due to complications of alzheimers.

    While they were alive, they all had one common thing, which was we all loved to get together as a family, camp, and fish at the coast. My Dad at the Oregon coast, and my in laws at the Texas coast.

    I've been talking to several of my in laws, my step mom and brother, and we have opted to celebrate the lives shared with us instead of mourning what was lost.

    My step mom, brother, and sister in law are taking my parents class C and my brothers 5th wheel (sister in law driving the class C) to the coast to my Dad's favorite campground at the beach for Dad's B-Day weekend.

    My wife and I, as well as one of the brothers in law and wife will be spending the weekend at a particularly favored spot here in Texas along the coast south of Galveston. We are going to have some tech tying us together a bit by doing video calls of sorts using an app called Marco Polo, sharing our fishing, grilling, and camp fire stories...

    So for my Dad, thanks for helping me grow to be the man I am today. And most of all, thanks for showing me what it means to own up to my mistakes. God knows I have made a few! Sorry for the jerk I was in high school.
    To Eddy my BIL, for all the jokes, the BBQ, and most of all, making sure your sister can put up with a bunch of BS from guys, you made sure she can deal with me. Thanks man!
    To Javier, my father in law. I'll catch one for ya! I'll always remember you clowning around at the Sam Houston monument! That cane is FAR too big for you to use!
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