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    So, on Monday I was at Sam's Club with my mom and decided to purchase one pack of the anti-fatigue floor mats to put under a bunk mattress. Even with so many people telling me how great they were, I wasn't convinced, so only bought one pack.

    DH and I put them under the king bunk (missing one tile) and WOWSA! It felt like we were sleeping on a 5 star hotel bed. The difference was night and day.

    Without wanting to make a trip back to Sam's (an hour away and I don't have a membership) I set out to find the same brand on the internet. I did find them on Amazon and eBay but for very high prices.

    After some research, I found out the ones they sell at Harbor Freight in 4 packs are made by the same company and are the exact same thing, sold under the Harbor Freight name. They are gray only, but didn't care. At $8.49 for 4, it was $17 for two packs, or 8 tiles, which is less than I paid at Sam's. Picked them up today and, while the package doesn't say Norsk on it, that is exactly what they are.
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    Harbor Freight runs those on sale all time. Plus, with Harbor Freight you can use a coupon - 20%-25% off. They have the 25% off coupon for May 13, 2018 for one day only.
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