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    An Aliner is an A-frame camper. The radio is located 12" from the floor in the front right dinette bench. My Aliner has an Aluminum frame. The A wall hinge is roughly 34" from the floor.

    This is a low investment project($). The radio is not listened too enough while at camp to justify improving to this to an excellent level. It took 5 seconds elevating it to a higher than factory level.

    The AM antenna is a single 12" stub labelled "antenna". It was found wrapped up in the speak wire bundle. The FM is a dipole that plugs into the back of the set. The factory folded it in half and wrapped it around the inside of the bench with 2 or 3- 90 degree double bends in the antenna section.

    Thoughts on the AM antenna. Extend it about 3'. Run it over to the side wall and vertically orient it crossing the A wall hinge at a 90 degree angle. It would be about 6" from a vertical frame member. The vertical orientation would permit easier band scanning.

    Thoughts on the FM antenna. The factory dipole has the potential to be visually obtrusive. There is a DW involved. The nose is clad with aluminum diamond plate below the roof hinge line. At the hinge lines there are heavy aluminum frame members covered by a skirt. The bubble window is about 8" above the front roof hinge. Considering splicing the antenna lead in cables close to the plug to make it possible to horizontally hang the dipole just below the bubble on the inside.

    Do you think the aluminum frame will act like a Faraday cage? Will the splicing degradate performance by too much. ? Thoughts?? Thanks for letting me discuss this outloud.
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    The aluminum frame will act as a Faraday cage especially if its grounded which it would be if you are plugged in to AC power.
    There are nonmetallic areas in the camper. Radio waves will go in there. How well? Can't tell over the internet.
    AM radio can use just about anything for an antenna. A long piece of wire works well. FM has a shorter wave length and works better when antenna design is matched to the band.
    If it were me I would just experiment.
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    My POPUP trailer has this AM/FM side mounted whip. This can be rotated up or down... This is mounted to the bottom wall... I get great FM Radio reception using it with my JENSEN CAR RADIO that is being used in my popup trailer...

    I have seen this style FM Antenna on boats as well...

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