Ants and Power cord

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    We worried about the cord at first but the only time we had ants in the trailer was when were weren't plugged in, so no cord for them to climb. While we work to avoid dangerous chemicals, that did cause me to break down and use pesticide on the jacks plus the bottom of the trailer around the axels. The Ortho Home Defense mentioned by Sjm9911 is very long lasting and does the job nicely. Spray your camper, not the ground, and for us it was one and done. Long term, the solution to your concern is to cut the cord, literally, and wire in a shore power inlet. Then attach a 30 amp plug to the cut end of the cord. You can install the inlet though ssomething like starboard, a polyethylene cutting board would do. Cut the board to size to cover the current opening in the side of the trailer and mount it with adhesive and seal with silicone. FYI, I paid someone else to do mine. It was worth the cost to me, but it's something many people could do on their own. BF could have done it for me but the size of that 30 amp cord was rather off-putting.

    ETA: Personally, I love the anteater solution. My property is overrun with fire ants so we'd have plenty of food available, at least for a while.
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