Any geocachers?


Sep 23, 2012
We started geocaching a few months and love it! As others have said its allowed us to see places we never would otherwise. I have only used my phone and iPad and I use the official app. We love it! Tried to go on our last trip there was a bunch I wanted to find, but no cell service. Time to upgrade to a standalone unit! We have found 52. It's a grat time and DS enjoys hunting for treasure. Not a big fan of micros and multis, my favorite is an ammo can in the woods! We are TheBraggBunch if you want to friend us. We are premium members. If you haven't tried it at least try it once!!


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Aug 5, 2010
Near Elmira, Southern Ontario
Well I guess I'll jump in on this.

We've been known as 'Team Wrenchgear' in the caching world for over a year now. Most often, it's just DS and me going out and finding/hiding them. Sometimes the whole family comes out and gets in on it. We have about 40 finds and 8 hides of our own. A lot of thought and work goes into our hides, so it takes a while to get them set up. We have found a couple of really cool ones - search for 'Petrified Snowman' in Ontario on and check out the pictures in the logged visits. Ya thats me in one of the pics (and my TV in the middle of the bush on an old logging road in another pic). Pretty neat stuff. We have 6 of them hidden in that same area.

Have fun and don't get lost.


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May 25, 2013
New to this forum; cacher since '06. Hubs & I love the out of the way places geocaching has taken us. [PU]


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Jul 16, 2011
I almost forgot about geocaching. Never heard of it before 2004 when I first got into it. Did it for 2 yrs then had our first child and haven't gotten back into geocaching or camping since. My little ones are 6 and 4 and so ready to go camping and geocaching with my DW and my two little DDs this year.


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Jun 28, 2013
We got into Geocaching last year after my little brother kept bugging us about it. We both enjoy travelling and outdoor activities so it's a nice little hobby. We've got a bit over 300 finds so far.


Jul 15, 2013
been caching for almost 3 years now. I have logged 830 caches and have 3 hidden here in the Brighton/Commerce City Co area.


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Aug 15, 2013
[%]A big part of why we bought our pop up was geocaching. The national parks do not allow geocaching, but here in Texas the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has embraced it. There is even a Texas Parks Geocache Challenge that is put on by the state. We ended up in so many different state parks that we would have never thought about visiting otherwise and we have been so happy to discover these places.

We started geocaching about three years ago in an effort to get my kids outdoors and into nature. Our favorite caches are by far the ones in the state parks and now we can camp in our pop up while geocaching.


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Jun 16, 2010
HuskeyTreks said:
The national parks do not allow geocaching,

Even though the NPS doesn't allow physical caches in the park, there are virtual caches to collect there that you can only log if you have been there and met the requirements of the cache owner.

I looked at several parks on the map: Glacier NP MT, Yellowstone NP MT/WY, Mount Rushmore SD, Grand Teton NP WY, Badlands NP SD. All these parks have caches, virtuals within the park and multitudes of traditionals in the area outside of the park.

I know that these parks are quite a haul from TX, but if you're planning a trip based on caches at the destination, don't rule out the National Parks.


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Aug 15, 2013
Electroflux, I didn't think about the NPS service allowing virtual caches, but that makes sense. We have done a couple of virtual caches before. We can't do too many of those at once though (or micro sized caches for that matter) because with 5 and 8 year old boys it is kinda about the "treasure" you find and trade for in the cache that keeps them interested. We have a box of "treasure" at home where we keep all of their geocaching trinkets they have found and traded for.

I can't imagine the NPS has the problem of needing to attract visitors like the small state parks do anyway. Especially in the big parks like Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. I can see why they don't allow traditional caches I guess. I don't really knock them for it, I am just glad the Texas Parks have embraced it because that is our favorite way to cache (mainly because of the nice trails and clean bathrooms close by for the DW).

Thanks for the info Electronflux.


Aug 29, 2012
My sons and I just started Geocaching on our last campout. We were instantly hooked and have been searching in all of our spare time since then. I have found neat parks and scenic views right around our community that I didnt even know existed! Just using a smartphone app for now but may upgrade to a handheld GPS one day.


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Jul 24, 2012
I tried this twice using a phone app and was unsuccessful on both tries. I plan to give it another attempt with my wife and kids next weekend on our first camping trip.


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May 20, 2014
Geocacher here!!!

I would be happy to help anyone who wants to try out this fantastic hobby!

Most people would be surprised to find out that a geocache probably exists within a mile of their home or place of business.


Aug 18, 2014
Geocaching is why I even started camping in a tent at an event at Rocky Neck state park. Upgraded to used popup the next year. Coming up on 650 finds and 20 hides. You will know my jeep if you ever see it at a campsite. Bright yellow and geocaching icon on tire cover, tb on back window, signal on antenna and as passenger on dash. If you see me, I would gladly help any new cachers.


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May 20, 2013
We just started caching a month ago :)

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Mar 30, 2014
Geocacher here!!! My geocaching nickname is the same as on here - - - -> ktsmom. I have found 1093 caches. I geocache on every camping trip I take. I have a Jeep Wrangler that has a travel bug on it. My trusty-geocaching dog, Bella, also has her own travel bug on her collar. She can be 'discovered' and loves the attention!


Mar 25, 2014
Yup! Our Boy Scout son got us started. Because of geocaching, we have seen our camping locations in an entirely different way. We have been camping at Mackinac City for years, but this year -- our first geocaching trip -- we found a lighthouse, a nature center, a dark park, and a different beach (and view of the bridge). We also found coyote poop and a snake -- both thrilling for son and husband.

We're hooked. In fact our son did a children's presentation at our library about geocaching. He had the children bring something to put in a cache that he will hide in town, and he created a cache for them to find. Several kids stayed after to find another nearby cache that they saw on the map DS handed out. There are now a few less muggles in the world!

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Oct 31, 2014
Our family loves to geocache, we hit them on every trip we go on. I usually pre-load them on my Garmin hand held and give it to the kids while I use the iPhone 5S then log them on the phone.

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Aug 9, 2011
North Dakota
We Geocache for ten years plus and always load GPS unit for area we are camping in. Many states have Geocaching organizations and some of those hold family Caching and Camping weekend events. We in North Dakota NDGCA have had an event for the past four or five years. We can be found on FB and there should be photos there. I encourage you to search internet for a group near you and help set up or attend an event.


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Aug 23, 2014
We geocached a lot up until the last year or so. Like others, it's fun to find the caches, but it is as much or more fun to find the trails and hidden gems we just didn't know or about or otherwise would not have found. We cache under "rebrev&granny"

Hope to see some of y'all out there!