Any Murphys law when leaving?


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Aug 7, 2009
Post your stories about something that always seems to happen before, during or just after you leave the CGs.

In my case, right around the time or just after we leave, at least 75% of the time there is rain. Sometimes it is as we are packing up, sometimes as we are pulling out, sometimes just down the road a mile or two, but almost every time we leave to go home, there is at least a little rain.

We have a trip for the last few days of this month and there is no prediction for rain on Wed when we leave, but watch, we will get a freak shower around the time to go. [:D]


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Mar 31, 2006
Clinton, Illinois
After driving around the N2U campground, three times, looking for the best site, you pull in, sit up and get everything just right. About that time another camper pull in, just across the loop and begins to set up camp and it is then, and only then, that your realize the site they are in the the best one in the campground. LOL


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Jul 19, 2009
Raleigh, NC
We've had times when it was raining when we arrived at the CG and raining when we left the CG. [V]

Then there is always that one thing that you end up needing but forgot to bring. [LOL]


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Jun 22, 2006
Oklahoma City , Oklahoma
If I (the only male in the house) make it known to the world and my family (all women of course!) that I want to be on the road by say 4:30 pm it never fails I won't get on the road till 6:00 pm. Is it just a woman thing or what?!?!?!


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Mar 12, 2010
LOL, your family must be related to my DW. I tried to make it that I tell her we are leaving 1/2 hour before we actually have to. But we are still always late pulling out.


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Aug 20, 2008
SW Ontario, Canada
If we fold down in good weather (and don't need to set up at home). I always put something in the back of the truck that should be placed into the pup. I usually don't find it until, I've totally broken everything down and packed.

Last time around it was the breakfast dishes. We washed, dried and stacked them on the picnic table. They got moved into the truck to "get them out of the road". We broke camp, had the pup down and latched. I back the truck up and hitch up. Open the tailgate to get the dog into her bed. OH look, camp dishes.

Not so much Murphy's law, but my stupidity.


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Mar 10, 2008
Highland Springs Va
Last year i was at First Landing State Park camping and have a fishing rack on my truck for my rods and cooler. I loaded the cooler and got distracted on something else and forgot to secured it down then went to move the truck the tie down got under the tire and i bent the entire rack. [:(!] [:(!] [:(!] I had to drive home with this rack bent all up and got some weird looks so i need to replace it or try to fix it.


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Sep 11, 2008
Morris County, NJ
This year we are going to Maryland with friends for Easter vacation. So we plan on bringing the truck because of all the stuff we are bringing. Well, last Monday something just did not feel right with the tranny. I brought it to my local tranny shop and they still have it. Looks like they will either replace the torque converter and all the clutch packs or a total rebuild. Hmmm, either $1800.00 or $2600.00.

OUCH!!!! [:(]


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May 29, 2009
Western Colorado
Mr Murphy doesn't always wait until we are ready to leave. Example, we got 2 elk down last fall and brought them back to camp. This is 40 miles outside of Gunnison Colorado. I'm backing the utility trailer up when all of a sudden, no shifter in the truck.
Stuck in Neutral. Drive to Gunnison (hey, what do I know about linkage?) and arrange for a tow truck to come out. He gets there and manages to get the linkage functioning. That little party cost me $400. Get the truck back home, to the mechanic, another $90 to install a $1.80 (that's one dollar and eighty cent) part. I guess the elk I'm eating tonight only costs about $35 a pound....


Morris County, NJ
Sep 11, 2008
Morris County, NJ
Yup, I hear ya!
On my old 1992 F150 the linkage snapped when I went to shift into drive. Tow truck could not tow it onto the flatbed until we got it into neutral. We had to go under the truck and pull on the linkage until it popped into neutral. The part cost about $35.00, but the labor was about $500.00. They had to remove the whole steering column to get the new part installed in it. Of course I was on my way to a meeting at work and I was a speaker on part of a presentation.


Apr 16, 2007
We had Murphys law on our side when I was a child. Once, not 3 minutes from departure time, a grouse flew through the kitchen window. (what a mess that was). another time we were getting ready to leave to discover that the upstairs bathroom was leaking. we found this out when a large section of the living room ceiling came crashing down. dad turned off the water, shook his head and said we'll clean up the mess when we get home.