Any Pentax DSLR users? don't overlook a Pentax


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Jun 8, 2011
I have owned a K-10 for about 4 years. I thought about Nikon and Canon but I own a couple of old K-bodied film cameras and several good K-Mount lenses. The old lenses are compatible in manual mode.

The camera takes great pictures. It does tend toward under-exposure at times but that is fixable with occasional post-processing. Main gripe has been repairs. It has been back to Pentax twice. First time total freeze up, second time auto focus issues. Their service was quite good and I got a limited warranty both times.



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Jan 28, 2012
I also decided the K10 was a good choice since both I and my Aunt had K series film cameras and I wanted to use my old lenses. I wanted something digital that could do a better job of making digital images of my wife's artwork. I know that eventually I may have to get a proper duplicator table make it all work.
I have also noticed the underdeveloped tendencies, but to me it does not happen as much when shooting in raw mode.


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Apr 7, 2012
I think i will bring it back from the dead myself...I shoot a stormtrooper white Pentax KR. I get some looks and the occasional comment as typically DSLRs are black or silver. Legacy lens support for my old film lenses kept me with Pentax when i went digital. Don't get me wrong,Canon and Nikon make great cameras,but i just like the feel of my KR. That and i feel like it has more features for the money. Most of the younger folks who check out my camera have never even heard of Pentax. Saving my money for a new K-30.


Apr 5, 2011
I have a Pentax K110D. Its older but it works great. One af the few benefits is that they put image stabilization in the camera and not the lenses. This means you can use any older lenses and still have mage stabilization. Its hard to beat Nikon and Canon but Pentax is a great competitor.