Any tarp as awninng for any A frame


Oct 26, 2020
Thanks Andrew .. that was the brand I was looking at .. and that was the placement I was thinking about also .. do you have by chance a pic of your set up .. thanks again Glenn
Sorry I don't have a pic of the awning setup. I put the suction cup on the white portion of the towards the peak and just anchor from there. Then I use some cheaper sticky suction cups to anchor to each dormer then use some poles and anchor to the ground. Hope this helps. If I get out in the near future I will take some pics.

Pedro Galvan

Jul 27, 2021
Rock Hill, SC
As per the original post, I used the instructions to do the same thing to my Chalet.

The middle anchor point:
View attachment 75578
And the tarp using adjustable poles from a sporting goods store.
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Amazingly the give in the four foot bungee cords allow it to flex some in the wind and not blow the thing away.

I did something similar to this, but attaching a D-ring to the middle point. I also use tent poles, or attach the far ends of the tarp to a 10 ft canopy with bungee cords. Use flat head bolts to attach the ring, or you risk scratching the aluminum when it folds.

Tom and Teresa

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Jun 18, 2019
Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
I'm not at home this week, so can't post a close up photo of the peak attachment of our tarp, but the tarp has a "bead" of 1/4" rope sewn into the edge that goes over the peak of the camper. At the peak is a guide made out of a 90 degree bend of 1/2" brass plumbing fixture. The guide is slotted, and the rope/tarp threads though that and is tied off to cleats attached to the frame at front and rear.

As with the OP's design we used adjustable poles from Cabelas, but used suction cups to attach them to the camper sides, rather than straight down to the ground. Our tarp is a 10' X 12' ground cloth or "tent footprint" from REI. Very light weight.

Where were you camping? Looks like all A-frames there!! Cool!