Anybody in the Raleigh, NC area?


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Jul 19, 2007
According to the members list there are 708 members in NC ... so your chances are good that at least 1/2 of those are within the 3-4 hour mark ....

I know this doesn't help, but we're planning on being in Raleigh in October.. a Thursday night and again on maybe either Monday or Tuesday night... on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we are planning to be down in Charlotte .... I know it is easier to fly into RDU on the Thursday night and drive to Charlotte then to fly into CLT ....


Snow said:
... I know it is easier to fly into RDU on the Thursday night and drive to Charlotte then to fly into CLT ....
That's funny. People in Columbia, SC find it cheaper to drive to CLT to fly out than just fly out of CAE. [:O]


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May 20, 2011
We live in Winston Salem area. We love to camp at Jordan Lake! I think it would be fun to hook up with new campers! Just email me or reply!


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Jul 18, 2005
Hello from Southern Wake County.

Both Jordan Lake and Falls Lake are great for camping locally. And tons of places within a 3-4 hour drive. . . .

Some of our other favorites are Holiday Trav-l Park on Emerald Isle, Neuseway Campground in Kinston, and in the off-season, Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach.

This is a good link for campground listings:

You may also want to check

Just a caution - If you plan on camping over Memorial Day at Jordan or Falls, you need to either get a reservation or get there as early at Thursday morning or you may not get a site.

Have Fun!



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Mar 21, 2011
Eastern North Carolina
We live in Jacksonville, NC and just got back from North Bend Park Va on Kerr Lake. Ran into some fellow popupportal members and they were very nice. The park is great. It would not be very far for you from Raleigh.


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Aug 31, 2009
Roanoke Rapids, NC
Hello from Roanoke Rapids,NC... We camp at North Bend park on Kerr Lake. Great campgrounds. Every time we go we meet someone new and also enjoy all the campers that we already know. My husband grew up camping at North Bend and it is only about an hour from home. Hope to see you sometime there.... [CP]
Mar 9, 2008
Hey andleton, I was trying to look at the website for North Bend, but it doesn't really tell me a lot. Do you need reservations? It looks like it's an Corp of Engineers park.

I would like to check it out.