Anyone use a door alarm?

Discussion in 'Campsite Security & Safety' started by TheBlurb, Nov 5, 2020.

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    My dog as an alarm has too many false alarms to be practical. :)
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    When I camp....Once get there I stay there usually.
    Thinking about it some more I can see a noisy alarm helping
    helping to alert others and drawing attention to the perps.
    But in the middle of the night when your sleeping in a camper if somebody was to bust in
    they would be all over you before you knew what was going on.
    It would all depend on their intentions.. Maybe the alarm would scare them off.
    Maybe it would agitate them as well and who knows what might happen.
    The nice thing about having dogs ( At least mine anyway) is they will alert you before
    anybody touches the camper door.
    I have been sound asleep before and the dogs started growling and let out muffled barks
    only to investigate and find a raccoon..possum and once a coyote in our campsite.
    I can see a advantage to a electronic alarm for some situations especially when your not around.
    and especially if you don't have dogs.
    This has been a good topic and thread for sure.
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