Anyone use a door alarm?


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Mar 31, 2021
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My house was built in the late 1890's. One cool fact, we had to have our furnace replaced it was original to our house, so over 100 years, what lasts that long now? Of course it was in winter, and I was sick as a dog, and my husband had to work. That is good memories. It also had had to have an abatement because of asbestos, luck, lucky me, it was my grandmother's house. But still, a furnace today lasts maybe , maybe 15 years, my sister lives in a newer area she just told me her furnace is 11 years old, so she'll need a new one soon. So it is what it is.


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Sep 29, 2009
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I have never seen that used. Couldn't use it in the northeast. If that stuff is used then I concede. You could cut through it.
Back in the early 80's the large tract Homebuilders around Pittsburgh used 4x8 sheets of T111 siding made by Abitibi, which were nothing but fiberboard, and only 3/8" thick. That was the siding and the sheathing all in one and applied directly to the studs. Really cheap. They did cut in a sheetmetal T brace into the studs diagonally at corners. The lawsuits went on into the 1990's lol.

I've built plenty of commercial buildings that were only extruded foam for wall sheathing. The current trends are "zipwall" or "denseglass". Essentially drywall with a water resistant coating.

Have you seen the price of a sheet of 7/16 OSB lately? LOL.
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Jul 18, 2013
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Yep what's with those prices. A framing stud is $7. 14 months ago they were less then $3. Plywood and osb will go up when there is a hurricane coming. One year there were about 6 so the prices got high. I was building a garage.