Anyone use one of these for a TV antenna in the pop up?

Discussion in 'Campsite Electronics' started by gruss, Nov 15, 2014.

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    May 17, 2014
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    Thank you all for this discussion. In early March 2015 I will haul the Arrowhead to Phoenix and stay in a water and electricity supplied CG for eleven days. This will be our first experience with utility hookups. Spouse will fly down and join me for four days. I want to have TV access, and was in a quandry as to antenna set ups. Looks like it will be a small outside antenna on a painters pole supported by flashlight clips. Antenna cable will go to existing exterior cable input. May have to extend the cable a bit.

    Does anyone have recommendations as to 12 volt TV/DVD player combos? On one recent trip it would have been nice to watch a movie during the two days of rainy weather.
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    keep an eye on Amazon, we found a Panasonic for around $50 that will go for about 6-8 hrs a charge in tv mode, maybe 3 hrs in dvd mode off the built in battery
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    Call the CG to see if cable Tv is available as part of the full hookup. Usually you hook up at the pedestal where the shore power is. All you need is some RG6 cable (Amazon is the cheapest source for Tv cables) and a Tv.

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