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    This is a small, classic tent camper. Sleeps 6. Two platform beds slide out and you pop up the tent. 2 sleep in the main, central unit. You can also store sleeping bed and other camping items in the main unit while pulling it. Turquoise in color, tires are good, including spare.

    Can be towed by almost any car. The owners before us adapted it with a regular Coleman tent, which now has a couple of patches. Could be replaced with canvas, a new tent, if desired, or repaired.

    Priced at $200, in Reno, Nevada, 100 miles from Sacramento, California.
    Email: itguynash@gmail.com

    This is a classic and is very popular among people who like classics. Many restore them.
    Here's a dedicated web site to this model:

    Camper2.JPG Camper3.JPG Camper4.JPG Camper5.JPG camper6.JPG Camper7.JPG Camper8.JPG Camper9.JPG Camper10.JPG Camper1.JPG
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