Are Fleetwood bunk end roofs Sunbrella material like the sides?


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Aug 30, 2019
SF Bay Area, CA
Are earlier Coleman and later Fleetwood bunk end roofs Sunbrella material like the sides?
I am going to go to local canvas shops to get a quote on 'just replacing the bunk roofs' on my '99 Starcraft Pup. The canvas shops obviously use a LOT of Sunbrella, so I'm wondering if that would be a good choice instead of new vinyl roofs? Would a gray Sunbrella color absorb any less heat than a gray vinyl. I know that the more color/tint the more heat the material absorbs. I'm wondering if I should consider for the roof ends, a white or 'very slightly' tinted color to reflect more heat? I'll still have the Aqualon (vinyl) sides. I am adding a Fan-Tastic vent fan which should really move some air when we are inside on hot days.


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Oct 10, 2018
S Ontario
The sides are sunbrella.......the roofs are vinyl

Not quite - Fleetwood began using Sunbrella 302 with the 1994 model year and the entire tenting was Sunbrella. The top section of each bunk end was vinyl coated on the outside surface, along with trim along the bottom of the tenting. In later model years when some models were offered with a slide out dinette the top section of that Sunbrella was likewise vinyl coated.