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We camped in the state park the past two summers... it was BEAUTIFUL! Able to walk from the campsite over the dune to the beach... We were there in July both times and had NO problems with mosquitos... We rode our bikes over to the National Park though and almost got carried away by them on the bay side.....
The one thing you have to do is keep your coolers put away in a vehicle....they will tear through a screen house to get to a cooler or dry goods....


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Apr 26, 2006
Long Island, New York

ROFL!!! Therma cells aren't going to touch these guys! We had welts on our welts! Seriously if they work let me know!

We learned not to walk on the grass, but stay on pavement, get in your car and then turn it on, the fumes bring them down on you! Turn off your car, wait a bit, and then get out! The gas stove drew them! Going down the back side of the trailer where frig exhausts DH was covered!

We went to the bayside launch area and blew up our kayak, bugs almost did us in! Once we got out on the water we were fine! Next time we'll blow it up before we go to the bay!

The ocean breeze was a life saver! This summer should be a hot, dry one, and that should be good for the bugs! Camp Host said literally count ten days after a rain to breeding, bugs bad! I hadn't thought to watch the weather BEFORE I went.

The most beautiful pix - looks like we had a grand time, and we really did, but the memories of the bugs has never left us!



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Apr 22, 2010
tttgmlake said:
just found this place while searching state parks.ASSATEAGUE STATE PARK, MD sure looks awesome would love to hear if anyone ever tried it dont know if link worked sorry if it didnt
I'm planning to be on Assateague (Maryland) in two weeks. Just before reservations are required, April 13. If anyone knows about early reservations let me know. We should spend about a week there. Although I haven't camped there in about 55 years I prefer it to the Virginia side because you are actually closer to nature than camping in Chincoteague.
From what I understand the state park is much more expensivie and they don't permit pets. bsvirginian


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Apr 26, 2006
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From the messages on this thread, you will not have the bug problems to deal with - you will love it.

Maryland State doesn't take dogs, National Park does. We stayed there on the Ocean Side, lovely park, nice space between sites, the showers were cold water, not a problem in the summer! Camp host was wonderful.

I have heard the herd on the Maryland side is healthier....



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Oct 2, 2004
LynnAllen02 said:
I have heard the herd on the Maryland side is healthier....

The Virginia herd is owned by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company. They are checked by a vet a few times a year, vaccinated, have their hooves trimmed, given water and food if things are bad. The fire company leases grazing rights from the federal government. The Maryland herd is mostly left on its own. The mares are given birth control injections, and if a horse is sick or injured and not expected to recover it will be put down. Other than that he Maryland herd is on its own.
Mar 17, 2013
[PU] Spent the weekend at Assateague State Park Campground in Maryland. We had a Horse in our campsite about the time we set the brake. We did not feed the horse as per the park's rules. We had no issues with bugs due to the wind blowing non-stop during our stay. I will take wind over the bugs. Campground was full but did not fell crowded. We toured the National Park and put our kayaks in the water on the bayside. Winds and temperatures were more moderate there. Great campground and you get to camp on the beach and listen to the surf all night. Do make this trip!


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Oct 12, 2008
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We have been at both the National Seashore and the state campground. The National Seashore is THE BEST. We prefer Bayside but oceanside is also good - you just get more sand in the trailer. Bayside puts burrs in your rug. If you go from late May until mid October ensure you have bug spray with DEET.


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Oct 1, 2012
I camped at Assatuague State Park just about every weekend last year and I love it there. They do take dogs depending on what site your at and if you stay oceanside no bugs but the bay side has them. Beach is not crowded like Ocean City Maryland and if you have food you can not leave it out or the horses will be your best friend and hang out with you until you pack up to go home. You really never need AC because you get the breeze off the water and it can get chilly at night.

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May 31, 2011
We had our annual Memorial Day campout on the beach at Assateague State Park. We were in Loop C. They completed bath house renovations up to Loop D, I believe. Wow! They did a great job. Completely changed the interior layout of the bathrooms, making it much better. All tiled, new everything. Outdoor dish sinks are now on the sides, instead of on the end, and made up stainless. Hopefully, it will all hold up over time.

No idea if/when they will take on the remaining bath houses.


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Aug 8, 2013
Just reserved dor August .just 2 nights hopefully its good. I am worried about bugs and not having hookups.


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Apr 26, 2006
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Do worry about the bugs, check your weather 10 days before you go, if it rains a new crop of bugs will crop out when you get there!

As for the no electric, plan to boondock and you will be fine! A bigger trailer will be fine there, you have somewhere to escape to.... Just plan for it!


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Nov 25, 2015
Countdown to Assateague trip. Pre-bug season. Enjoyed it at New Years. Packing and prepping. Very happy people here


Feb 12, 2017
I took the family camping there a few years ago. We were there in July and the Mosquitoes were incredible. Regular mosquito spray was good for only about an hour. The strong DEET stuff lasted longer which I'd highly recommended. The roughest part was going into the bath house to wash up and the walls were just covered with mosquitoes. I'd highly recommend a screen shelter for shade and bug protection. Might even keep the ponies out of your way when you're trying to eat. Seriously. I had skeeter bites on my skeeter bites. After a few days you have so many you stop noticing it anymore.

The ponies are interesting but I didn't care for them. They knew everyone had food and if you had anything out while they were around, they were going to take it. I saw some fellas put all their groceries on top of their table and proceed to make a meal. A team of ponies went rushing up and devoured their food. They're big animals and you aren't going to win a confrontation with them. If you leave out your trash... they're in it. They got into my van when I opened the door for a moment and snatched the marshmallows and some other food items. :laugh: They also pulled up the lines from my tent and leave horse apples everywhere.

At times the wind got very strong. My tent got collapsed a few times and folk's shelters were flying all over the place, bent poles, etc.

The sites themselves are mostly sand depending on your location. I personally liked being bayside where the wind wasn't as strong.

Book early, and ideally go outside of the mosquito season! The beach is super nice compared to Ocean City, MD so that was a big win.

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