attended RV show in Hersey,PA

Discussion in 'RV Shows' started by jmkay1, Sep 14, 2014.

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    I attended the RV show in hersey , PA this weekend. It was crazy busy and very rainy out on Saturday. Thousands of RV including pop ups and smaller ones. Which is very rare for the RV shows i normally attend. Perhaps not quite worth the three hour drive, but i got to see the inside of a trail manor for the first time in my life. So :) glad to see there is a dealership in PA that has these. I didn't go there to buy but to get a good feel of what's out there. Feel sorry for all those trailers that had wet feet walking threw and children climbing on. Did learn that RV steps can become very slick when wet and that you never know when those awnings will dump water on the next unsuspecting person walking under them. I have a lot to pamphlets to study and TV numbers to calculate. [RTM]
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    Good luck with your research. Let us know when you decide which one is best for you

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