Awning mat or rug storage


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Aug 30, 2015
How do you store away your awning mat or rug. Sometimes it is muddy and wet. I see some people store it on their rear bumper. Do you have a bag for yours or just fold it and put it away. Maybe an army duffel bag would be good for this.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Ours is small, 6 X 9', so it is easy to slip it into a trash bag if it is wet or filled with grit. Most dirt falls away as we fold it up, but every now and again we camp someplace where it sticks enough that we put the mat in a bag and hose it off when we get home.
Ours is one of the polypropylene mats that easily folds back into the original folded form, and it will bend in half once folded up, if necessary. Putting the mat in a tube on the back bumper always seemed like it would be more difficult than using a trash bag. (We now have a tube on the bumper, but it is for the sewer hose - I'd much rather deal with the mat in a bag than figure out something else to do with the sewer hose.)


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Jun 21, 2012
Champaign Illinois
ours is big and made of the polypropylene material. there is no way I could tie it to the bumper. it would flap and try and unroll. which would hide my plate and lights. the inside floor is vinyl, the mat only gets damp it doesn't hold water so I'll throw down a dirty bath towel and lay it on that just inside the door. works the few times I needed to transport a dirty mat. [:D]


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Sep 5, 2011
We shake it out as best we can at the campsite then fold it up and shove it in the PUP for the ride home.

If it is real wet / dirty we hang it on the clothes line, clean it up, the put it back in the PUP. Usually near the front.


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Apr 22, 2008
South Jersey
I have these. I have put the mats away wet and the next time I use them the mats are dry, don't smell, and the dirt just empties out of the bag.

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Aug 29, 2014
We shake it out, fold it up & slide into the PUC right before we leave the site. If it's wet/muddy we throw it in the back of the TV.


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Feb 7, 2013
Anchorage, AK
Ours is one of those mesh mats... I think it's 8 X 20 or something. If it is muddy, and it often is, we try to flick off the mud as best we can and put it in the front storage locker. It normally drains in there a bit, making a small mess, but I have to pull it out anyway to dry it, so when I do that, I just wipe out the storage locker. Putting that wet muddy thing in a bag would just make the bag a muddy mess that I'd have to clean. A trash bag isn't a bad idea though, we just have little ones in the PUP, so I might put a few full sized ones in there.


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Jun 14, 2008
Mine Hill NJ
Mat is 10 x 12 if it is dry it gets stored on the floor of the Popup. If wet and muddy I put it in the bed of the truck till we get home. Usually if the mat is wet the camper is also so it gets opened up when I get home and after every thing is cleaned and dried it goes back in the camper.


Jul 3, 2015
I put mine in the bag that came with the mat and stash it in the front storage trunk. W/o the front trunk, I'd just put in the camper on the floor.


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May 14, 2015
On one of the mod forums I saw someone who attached a piece of four inch pvc to their bumper. They rolled up the mat and stuff it in there for the ride home. Eventually I think I will probably make the same.