awning mods?


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Jul 3, 2008
We have a 1995 viking 175SD. The awning poles come out from the roof, and they have a peg at the end of them. The poles that go from the ground up to meet the ones that come off the roof have a tab with a hole in the top of them. The tab from the poles off the roof goes through the holes from the poles off the ground and into the rod the awning is attached to. Then we stake the ground poles down and tie them with string. I would really like to somehow convert the awning poles into the type that come off the sides of the camper, if that makes sense. Many of the new campers are made this way and I think it would be safe to not have the ropes and stakes in the ground if possible. I was wondering if anyone would know how to make such a mod? We have somewhat of a plan in mind, but it seems as though we would have to do some light tack welding which we are not familiar with. Is there any other way this could be done? Thank you!


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Jul 8, 2008
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It sounds like you have the same, or close to the same type of awning I have on mine.

I have thought about doing this with my awning and have examined what needs to be done closely but haven't done it yet.

I have 3 rafter poles and 3 ground poles on my awning, so going back to the camper body would mean doing away with the middle ground pole. In order to do this I would have to replace the rod on the front of the awning as mine is in 3 sections. No big deal just need to get use a piece of aluminum or steel pipe cut to the right length and then drill holes in it for the rafter poles to connect to.

The next thing to do is create pivot points for the outside "ground" poles to allow them to swing back to the camper body. The way I had planned on doing this was to use 90 degree pipe elbows and slide them onto the ends of the front edge rod. Don't glue them or anything as you want them to pivot. The inside corners of the awning will hold them in place, just make sure you allow for them when you cut the new front edge rod.

If your current ground poles are not long enough to reach back to the camper body it will be pretty easy to make them longer. A piece of aluminum or pvc pipe just big enough for the end of the ground pole to slide into. Cut the new pipe so that it is it long enough for the ground pole to slide into it 6-8 inches and still long enough to give you the reach you need with your ground poles extended to only about 75-80% of their max length. This will allow you some play room if you need it. To keep your ground poles from sliding all the way into the added section just drill a hole through the new pipe and inset a screw and nut for the ground pole to rest on.

Finally you will need to connect the "side" poles to the camper body. You could possibly use some flag pole holders for this or get some of the actual brackets that are used on awnings of the type you are modding to.


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Oct 28, 2008
Im already getting stuff to do this mod. but first I need the right size awning. When we bought the pup. They guy said he had it but didnt know how to use it, so it was in his garage. A few months later, he emailes me he found it, I drove 30 miles to get it, and found out, its only 6 feet long not the 10 foot we need. So Im waiting till I get a 10 footer, still looking for a really cheap one.

But any way, We noticed with the awning out, poles to the ground, and you have a string and steak 2 on each side, and then the same on the seperate screen room we have, Some one was always tripping. So we decided, it needed to be changed.

So this is what im thinking of doing:

I picked up 2 white plastic flag pole holders with the adjustable screw so it will fit any size pole. I also seen a post before on this group, some one did this mod and used some marine brackets. But you would have to know your size pole, I may go with those as they are more low profile and wont stick out so much.

I also picked up 2 silver dog tie down stakes that screw to the ground, And I have two ratcheting tie down straps with hooks. This will make it east to tighten and release in a hurry.

As for the poles, if they arent long enough, you can get a slightly smaller or bigger piece to fit inside or out side you your pole, and use those "V" clips with the nobs, you see on those pool poles, just drill some holes for the nobes and it will be an adjustable pole to let down one side when it rains. Then can just ratchet he tie down strap a little.

Sounds like a plan to me, I just need a 10Foot awning to try it out, Any one have one cheap. I have found some for $200 ouch!



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Apr 15, 2007
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Sounds like the awning on a Viking or Jayco is different at the top?
I have done this mod on our Fleetwood.

This is what I did.......
I removed the center ground pole and took it apart giving me two pieces. I put one of those pieces on each of the side poles, giving me a new pole with 2 "male" sections and 1 "female" section on one side, and another new pole with 2 "female" sections and 1 "male" section on the other side.

With a little thought, I drilled new holes and can still use the push button adjustments.

Many ways to connect the poles to the camper...this is what I did.

This is how I reworked the top of the awning.
The edge will bend enough for the new angle of the poles to attach to the camper. I did have to make the holes bigger for the black tabs in the the "rafter" poles to work at a different angle.
Can still use all 3 rafter poles.