Awning Tie Downs...with style :)


Jun 12, 2007
My newest popup didn't have an awning so I ordered one and got it installed. We're going to the beach on Memorial Day so need a little shade for sure. Anyway, I had made some tie downs for my old popup with buckets, concrete, pvc, and eye bolts. With the buckets you don't have to worry about driving a stake in the ground or if you're camping/tailgating on some tough surface (shell, pavement, etc.) I also hate outriggers to trip over. Did the same this time but my creative lady made them WAAAYY better with some artificial flower arrangements. I still need to drill a hole in the bucket just above the concrete line so water will drain. Parts list and pics below. Enjoy.

2 buckets
50 lb bag of quikcrete (overkill? Perhaps but it works)
1.5" ID pvc with caps (cut to 9" length for each bucket)
Two eye bolts with a 3"+ shank
Fake flowers


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May 31, 2018
Looks good , not over kill at all. In the past i have used reguler free weights to keep my pop up screen room on the ground. Not pretty but does the job!


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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
I did something sort of similar just not as fancy. However because my homemade awning is heavier and longer I still have to use guylines. However having the pots prevents the dogs from knocking the awning down. Enables me to see the poles at night, especially if I put a solar light in the pots. I was going to put fake flowers in the pot, but didn't make the holes big enough or enough drainage holes so it fills up with water when it rains. PhotoPictureResizer_190519_151512297-1312x738.jpg


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May 8, 2011
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I think we may be the only people ever who have never used our awning. About 6 months ago, we finally took it off and put it in the shed.

When we tried it out at home, I just propped the poles on the side of the camper, and they stayed put just fine. If I were going to have poles awning to ground, though, I love the flower pots!!


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Mar 23, 2016
King George, Virginia
I use the 18-inch earth anchors… They screw into the ground with ease and leave no marks when removed... I use 15-feet of 1/2-inch web ratchet strap.

I went with the earth anchors and ratchet straps with another problem I have where my POPUP really has a sway side to side. I can stand in the doorway and push out above the door a good 6 to 8-inches. This has even knocked things off my inside shelves when a gush of wind comes through.

To fix this I added 1-inch eyelets in the four corner sides up near the roof... I run all four of these to the ground using 15-foot ratchet web straps and 18-inch earth augurs... I can tie off my awning to the same earth augur...

I guess one downside of this is showing up at a camp ground with concrete around where the trailer is parked. So far that has not happened to me...


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We all have our own unique problems I reckon haha...

I love your flower buckets...

Roy Ken


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Mar 23, 2016
King George, Virginia
I would hope they would be deeper than that... I never go all the way down on top of that... Maybe 10-inches or so... The tent stakes probably go that far in the ground??

When screwing into to the ground with a screwdriver in the eyelet you would feel something if you was about to screw into it...
We don't do much camping in the campground anyway...

Just passing along what we do...

I still love your flower buckets haha...

Roy Ken