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Discussion in 'Ohio' started by vagov, Aug 27, 2017.

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    Just spend the weekend at barkcamp state park , no reservations, just hooked up the camper and figured a find a spot when I got there. Several sites where available as the campground was only half full. We wind up taking site 83 in the B section which was rather nice. No neibors on either side of me. So it was perfect. The campground is a little primitive as only electric on site, the loop has pit toilets, a little rough, but doable. But the bathhouse was decent, clean and good hot water. Several sites on the front A section are for horse camping, where we saw several over the weekend. The lake and beach area was nice , and the water was slightly cold but still refreshing, as the Temp this weekend was only in the low 70,s . A lot of horse trails in the area, but I am not a rider. So I found myself somewhat limited on things to do in the area. Decided to take a ride a little west to check out salt fork state park just to compare the campgrounds. The lake there was much bigger, and the campground had nicer bath facilities, and was more crowded this weekend but sites are smaller and a lot closer to each other. To be honest, I preferred Barkcamp more, my first night I purchased a bundle of firewood from the camp store as I didn't find any locals selling it close bye, boy what a rip off, small and burned like crap, however later found out that the campground offers you free slab firewood if available by the maintenance building just up the road from the front entrance. Pickings where a little slim,but did manage to rummage trough the pile and get some good pieces , surprising it burned rather well, a lot better than the store bought stuff. Overall I was pleasantly happy with Barkcamp State Park. And would stay there again!
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    Nice review, thanks.

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