battery. Hook up on. Flagstaff 03

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    have. 03 flagstaff [MOD]. Lights work on extension cord going to house, battery is up font on pole. Fused link. 20amp. Blk wire. Another blk wire. &. Larger wht. Wire with a terminal end on it, plus another white splice into it. Looks like this one was attached to the frame. The white wires have. RED tape. Warped around it. Do I have to shut my converter off. To run off the battery, help. Very mechanically inclined. Trailer. Was never used. Fridge & furnace will only work on propane. RIGHT
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    Feb 9, 2011
    You don't have to shut off your converter to run off the battery. If you have a manual converter, there will be a switch at the converter to change over from 120 to 12V. Being an '03, you most likely have an automatic converter and need to do nothing as the converter's "brain" will auto switch to 12V when you're not plugged in and a battery is connected.

    In RE to the wiring, I'd just google a diagram and go from there. My guess is it'll be a pretty simple fix, and they're not overly complicated wiring systems to begin with.

    In RE to your fridge and furnace....if you have a 3 way fridge, it will work off 120, 12V, and propane. I do not recommend running the fridge off of 12V as you will kill your battery in a matter of 3-4 hours. Some people run off 12V when they're on the road and the TV charges the p'up battery when in tow. In my experience, this is fine for a trip of a couple hours or so....much more than that, and my TV has a hard time keeping up with the amps the fridge is drawing; personally, I'm in the "forget that the fridge even has that capability" crowd. The fridge runs best and coldest off the propane and that's what should be used if you're "dry" camping (no hookups). If you have hookups, you should be able to use either 120 or the propane. Keep in mind that it can take quite a bit of time to cool down unassisted. Most people put some cold items (frozen bottles of water, etc) in the fridge to help it along. I turn mine on propane once I get to the campsite and then just stock with my iced down beer and it's all good.

    The furnace is propane, by the blower fan is 12V. When you're hooked up to shore power, your converter converts the 120 VAC to run your 12V applications. When you're running off the battery, most everything should work except for your outlets which are 120 VAC.....and of course, as I stated above, you shouldn't be running the fridge off the battery.

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