Battery-powered USB and power outlets

Anthony Hitchings

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Mar 2, 2019
Oakland, California
added a dual-screw angle temporary floor restraint for travelling - for the portable kitchen drawer unit - which gets put on the floor when the roof is folded down. Anchor screw is 1/4"-20 tpi; with a Tee-nut on the underside of the floor. The T--nut is covered on the underside of the floor with metal foil tape - which seems to hold up well in use. Same deal as the yellow anchor that I did a year or more ago for the Engel compressor frig.

This drawer unit sits on top of the built in cabinet by the door - it gives us three drawers of kitchen storage at working height, and effectively moves the (small) cabinet higher.


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Dec 26, 2009
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To charge laptop and misc. small devices.

We just used a USB adapter in the 12v outlet to charge small electronics in our popup, which avoids the power loss of conversions through the Inverter. [We now mostly use our free standing storage battery, a Goal Zero Yeti 150, because the 12v outlet in our TT is in about the most unhandy spot available, and we haven't figured out where we want another. There were USB outlets in the same spot, which we disconnected for a couple of reasons. We have a separate solar panel for the Yeti, because we had to up-size for the TT batteries, but kept the original set we had for the popup. It's probably not an arrangement I would have thought of doing, except we used what we already had. One advantage is that we can use the Yeti inside or out, to charge things or to run a fan or light.]