Beach camping and bugs - we were eaten alive last year!

Discussion in 'Camping Around Wildlife' started by Spridle, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Our bug season here is short but we’ve had good luck with this. 7B519D11-4297-4449-94E8-AC38660F1EC9.jpeg
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    The Maryland sea shore are is a favorite camp site for years, however if you ask anyone from Maryland, the state bird is the mosquito. Vicious, voracious and aggressive there is really no escaping them. So how much blood are you willing to donate to the cause and and naturally its dependent upon rainfall and the last previous weather event to refill the low ponds of standing water, typically 10 days from rain to mosquito hatching of hungry crop.

    Locals say vinegar is a good deterrent to repel. II use raid yard guard when I arrive to treat the entire radius of the site before I begin the setup. by the time it dissipates I have the camper set up and screened and then I spray again to keep them at bay. I avoid using any type of chemical sprays inside the camper to avoid canvas damage.

    Then I set up my outside defenses, citronella and that stuff plus deep woods cutter or other skin applications

    Seems to work okay

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