Beckler River CG, US2 Corridor

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    Beckler River
    State: WA
    Nearest City: Skykomish
    Elevation: Approx 1100 ft
    Run by: US Forest Service, by concessionaire (HooDoo)
    Reservations accepted: Yes
    Number of sites: 27 (9 are FCFS only)
    Water: Adjacent to site 13.
    Facilities: Vault toilets, host with firewood, nature trails (some cross onto private land), day use area.
    Hookups: No

    Well, my night at work is pretty much shot, and I can't do what I wanted to do... so I'll just post a review. Bear in mind that my family has stayed 3 times at this campground over the past couple years. Twice in a tent, once was just my son and I in the back of the minivan. (Though we WILL be going there at some point in the PUP this year.)

    Beckler River is a mile or so outside of Skykomish on Beckler River Road. It is an easy drive from the west side of the mountains. The campground is in a fairly densely wooded (I believe second growth) forest, with the bulk of the sites being along, the river, which can be heard throughout the campground. Not all of these sites can see the river, but access to it is easy. Occasionally you can hear the distant horns of trains passing through Skykomish, but the noise is not intrusive in the least. The road and the pads are all paved, and seem pretty level from the get go.

    Sites are varying in size, but none are particularly small. There is decent spacing between the site and also, in most cases, good privacy. The worst privacy is between sites 23 and 18, which back against each other with no dividing undergrowth. While this might not be appealing to some, the size of the combined site would make it great for a large family getaway if they were to get both sites.

    Every time I've been there it's been peaceful and relaxing. While there's not a huge amount to do in the area, we've never had problems entertaining DS (who was 3 the first time we went). The campground host has always been pleasant, even going so far as to use their cart to deliver firewood bundles so I didn't have to lug them back to my site. During the summer the days are warm without being oppressive, and the twilight hours are absolutely perfect.

    A couple site notes: 25 (pad too short), 26 (pad designed for cars only, 2 wide), and 27 (extremely short pull-through) are not good for PUPs.

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