Bed wedgies


Jul 23, 2014
Does anyone know if bed wedgies will work on 2009 fleetwood utah? Mine broke, need to replace. Thanks for any a put!


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Mar 18, 2008
According to the part numbers, all Coleman and Fleetwood use the same number for the wedge and flat ends. The only consideration is the condition of the rail slides. I am not familiar with your model, but if the wedge end actually rests on a metal surface below, precaution should be taken to prevent rubbing wear on that lower surface during transit. If the rail end is suspended in air, this is not a consideration. Hope this is helpful.


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Nov 1, 2007
Perry, MI
I use them on my '08 Bayside.
Yes, there can be some metal on metal rubbing. But I went through a set of plastic factory OEM replacements in less than 2 years. The BedWedgies have held up for three + years and counting.
I did take a file to the wedgies and smoothed out the casting marks, and took some excess off. I also use some 'slippery tape' (UHMW Ultra High Molecular Weight tape) which seems to help. There are threads about wedgies on the Portal.