Best Way To Clean Mold Off Canvas???

Jerry L

Apr 26, 2021
When I opened up our 2009 Jayco 1207 I noticed a few small mold spots on the inside of one of the canvas over bunk. What is the best way to clean without causing further damage? Other than this canvas is in perfect shape?


Active Member
Aug 23, 2020
Miracle mist for sure, just spray on and the mold will disappear then wipe the area with a damp sponge, I laid plastic over my beds so no overspray would get on the mattress,


May 15, 2009
mold mold mold. I hate mold. Unless its related to cheese. I am going to relay my experience for what its worth. Lots of effort went into my dealings with camper and mold. I am not an expert , but did do tons of reading. Bought my camper in 2006 . 1999 polomino. So it was seven years old. Was lightly used and like new. Yippee. It had a little mold on the tenting which the seller was honest about. He had put the camper down in late fall still wet. Ok no problem. Brought it home, set it up and began to mod for our soon to be trip to yellowstone. While I was doing the work we had hot and humid weather here in Wisconsin which is not unusual. I went out to work on mods and literally over night the whole tenting of the camper was full of mold. I had never had to deal with anything like this. I was dismayed. This was the beginning of my camper mold journey. I sprayed everything down with water and bleach. It Took care of problem. Used camper the rest of the year with no issues. The next spring I opened the camper up and mold was all over the tenting again. Sprayed with bleach and water, good to go again for season. This cycle repeated for several years. Got to the point where I hated setting up the camper after storage. Mold was there to greet me every spring . Started to research. I learned that mold may be eradicated by bleach but most times when the treatment is done the mold spores close up to protect themselves before they are eliminated . They then come back when the opportunity is right. If the surface after bleaching is coated with vinegar or lemon juice and a residue is left , when the spores try to reopen this residue will stop them. Well .. after spraying this residue on the tenting for several seasons this totally eliminated my mold problem on the tenting. However I still had problems with the fabric on the head and foot end of the bunk ends that unzipped to the screen. Do not no what that fabric was made out of. Every year I still had to deal with that fabric and mold.. Never had any more problems with the other tenting. I got so tired of mold on that fabric (not the tenting fabric) I bleached the hello out of it. After a couple years the fabric dry rotted and fell apart. I ruined it. I didn't care anymore . I killed it . I won ,even though I lost. I replaced that fabric with hot glue and plastic tarp material. Old camper simple cheap fix. Looks good. No more mold for four years now. So this is what I think I know :
Mold loves cool and damp
Mold does not like sunlight, air movement, dry heat
Mold likes some surfaces more than others
bleach is best to kill
white vinegar is almost as good as bleach and may be better in the long run
bleach can ruin fabrics, vinegar is safer
i might not know what i am talking about.
I now concentrate on air movement and dry heat before i put down the camper for the winter. I do fall camping so this is always an issue and not always possible.

Dave Moz

Jul 15, 2021
Might be a bit late for you but for others we had a white mold issue on our old pup.
Mixed 1 gallon water with 1/2 gallon white vinegar then sprayed the canvas till really damp. Let it sit for a few minutes then wiped it down with paper towels.
Did every inch of canvas we would even if it didn't show any signs of mold.
Left the camper up for a day or two to air out.

Never had an issue again.

campfire Joe

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Jan 27, 2015
peru new york
Think my wife used miracle mist too. It did work, but now we are having problems trying to keep the bunkend side panels from leaking1 i've waterproofed them 3 or 4 times both sides and they all leaked this weekend during a couple rainstorms


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May 8, 2011
Florida by way of WV and MD
I agree with vinegar. It's the only thing that stops the mold from coming back.

Living in Florida, mold spore paradise, I've had more than my fair share of run ins with mold. Not limited to the pop up, but that was what taught me that vinegar is the way to go.

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