Big blue coffee pot - broken insides hack

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    someone commented on another post of mine that the insides of her big blue percolator pot was broken. same thing happened to mine thanksgiving weekend. we tried a few options,
    Here's what worked:

    make a coffee bag!
    use thick white paper towel & twist tie to make pouch.

    ( coffee filter papers didnt have enough paper to twist tie shut )

    drop in pot w water like a teabag. boil - the hotter the water the better brewed coffee tastes.

    we were making coffee for 6 that cold wet weekend & this worked great. easy cleanup ( save the twist tie)

    & no grounds in the last cup poured!

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    Yup I have done the paper towel thing as well. We ran out of filters for our home machine and paper towels work just fine. Just a note, If you don't want to use paper towels pickup paper filters for a commercial brewer. Those are the big filters and you will be able to tie them shut.

    Also, just thought about this, they also sell tea bags for making tea in a pot. They come in larger sizes as well. They are a little stronger then paper towels.

    This is what I'm talking about:

    I buy #1 filters for single use. The link above is for #4 (6-12 cups)

    Just my [2C]

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