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    A few weeks ago we stayed at Big Hollow Rec area about 15 min north of Burlington, IA. This is a newer rec area constructed a few years ago. Each year it appears that the county continues to make improvements as funds are generated. I believe there are about 25 spaces with electric and 8 primitive. Many of the electric spaces are pull thru and out in the open sun. Numerous trees have been planted, but they have a lot of growing to do. Several sites on the perimeter are cut into the timber and are really nice. We were able to get on one of these, as all sites are first come first serve. We went out on a Tues I think there were just a few campers there. By the weekend I would guess there was 20 campers at Big Hollow. There are no shower houses yet, but there is a bathroom at the north edge of the campground. We did not use it so I cannot speak to how clean it was. There is a beautiful lake that was created and I am told it is well stocked with fish. Many of the other campers at the park had fishing boats. My husband and I rode the trails around the lake which is about 5 miles on our mountain bikes and it is very pretty. Word of caution, the trails are full of thorns, we ride tubeless so we were fine. I did not see any playground equipment for children, but by the weekend many kids were out running around. As the trees mature in the campground it will become very beautiful, but right now the pull thru spaces are huge and level, but you will be in the Iowa sun and humidity. All the spaces appeared to be fairly level and are gravel.

    Our camper and spot

    Our view

    sorry I forgot to take a pic looking out into the park. My husband and I thought that we had the best spot #14. We had shade and a little "yard area". We will go back again, we enjoyed the park and the trail. We also don't have many places to camp that are close by and my husband owns a business and we never can get very far away.

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