Bird Blinds (Central Oregon)

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    I hate to mention specific sites on a forum but there may only be 1 member on here who will know this area. The old (abandoned) Cabin Lake Guard Station 10 miles north of Fort Rock. Comes with wildlife. There are "sites" up above the bird blinds but we camped right down at the blinds at the rear entrance to the guard station.

    You know who you are ... but sorry I forgot your handle.

    This was a real good spot to explore Fort Rock valley (crack in the ground, etc.). Lots of wildlife (birds, obviously, but lots of mule deer, loud coyotes, and a real snuffy something in the middle of the night - I don't think there are bear around here and the silence magnifies the sound, probably a rabbit but I got the spotlight out anyway and saw nothing, coyotes hunt rabbits around here at night).

    Used to be a lake, back when folks made shoes from sage bark. Example of the wave cut lake shore down below, cow cave where they found the shoes is a mile away.

    cabin lake 1.jpg cabin lake 2.jpg wave cut at fort rock.jpg
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