Black River State Forest East Fork Campground Review


Jun 12, 2012
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Just a quickie review of this state campground.

We were there the 3rd week of July and it actually was out first weekend with our AFrame PUP so we were learning all about it at the same time. We camp without water and electric and mostly just go to chill and do little.

We stayed in the East Fork campground at Site 11 which is right on the river. It was wonderfully peaceful and chill (save a family with kids that played in the river a couple times - kids make lots of noise). There's a nice groomed nature trail on the east end of the campground that runs about 1.5 miles along the river. Water was low with the drought so we were able to go out on the sand bars and dip our feet in with the rocks. My GF was also able to get a wonderful birdwatching hike in along the river one morning as well (it's not my thing).

Amenities are simple - vault toilets and manual pumps for water - but perfectly adequate for what we were looking for. No showers. Firewood is available for sale at the entrance.

If you canoe or Kayak, this campground is great right on a nice slow river.

We did head into Black River Falls on Saturday afternoon to grab lunch - we were feeling lazy about cooking - and stumbled into the annual Butterfly Festival ( which was fun. We shared a porkchop sandwich and micro-brew root beer for me (I was driving) and a fresh hard lemonade for her, and listened to a cover band for a bit. Left with a stack of 3 for $1 trashy paperbacks and a couple giveaways from the local casino.

For us, this campground was a solid 7 or so. The manual pumps were way squeaky which got annoying at times, but it was made up for being on the river. There's not much here for families and kids unless you bring your own amusements, so keep that in mind.

If you camp the state campgrounds, I definitely recommend this one. I suspect we'll be back again sometime next year.