Boardman Creek Group Campground, MBS National Forest

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    Boardman Creek Group Campground
    State: WA
    Nearest City: Granite Falls
    Elevation: approx. 1200 ft
    Run by: Concessionaire (Hoodoo)
    Reservations accepted: Yes
    Number of sites: 1 group site
    Water: NONE.
    Facilities: Vault toilet, garbage service.
    Hookups: No

    I booked this group site months ago so that I could have a weekend out with a bunch of friends. The map that the USFS gives for the campground indicates 2 walk-in sites and 6 sites with parking pads and tent pads. This is wholely inaccurate; the map hasn't been updated since it was a regular FCFS (non-group) campground. Basically over the last few years, the South Stillaguamish river has swallowed up the tent pads for at least 2 of the sites "with driveways".

    I also use the phrase "with driveways" because only two sites truly have driveways, #3 and #8. The rest are essentially short pull-throughs. So, in all, there are a total of five, maybe six, usable sites, two of which are the walk ins. And at most three of the sites are suitable for pop-ups (3 through 5, and 3 will require significant front-to-back leveling). Also, due to its proximity to Mountain Loop Highway, there's some traffic noise. There's not much at night because that particular road is not heavily traveled after dark.

    That's the brutal part.

    The campground itself has some beautiful views of the South Stillaguamish river and the mountains beyond. It is reservable as a private group campground, with a gate at each end, so you can control/prevent traffic that's not part of your party from bugging you. There's good variety in the sites; some have significant tree cover, some are open and, assuming proper weather, sunny. Site 5 was large enough for us to have everyone (9 adults, 8 children, 4 dogs) sit at the picnic table or in chairs around the fire for our potluck dinner.

    It's also one of the cheapest group campgrounds (as defined as: not a group site within a bigger campground). Being on the south half of the Mountain Loop Highway, it is also a short drive from the Seattle/Everett area.

    Overall it's a nice place to have a weekend with friends or family. As long as not more than 2 or 3 have popups. And you don't need more than 5 or 6 individual camp sites. Especially if you don't want to drive forever to get somewhere.

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