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    In RE to activities while boondocking......well, for us activities vary depending on where we're camping and how long of a trip we're taking. Most of our camping is done in the mountains and many of our trips are short weekends just to get away and relax in the woods. We enjoy hiking and exploring the numerous trails in the forest. I also like to do a bit of trail riding on my mountain bike. Fishing is usually a viable option as we are usually near a stream/river/lake. We also like to spend a bit of time driving and exploring the area (especially if we're somewhere new)....looking for spots for next time out or just enjoying the scenery. Often, there are other points of interest close by for a quick day trip (i.e. small mountain towns, hot springs, deserted ghost towns, scenic overlooks, etc).

    We also do quite a bit of reading and like to bring along games like ladder ball, frisbee, horseshoes, boche ball. Also some cards or other games that we can play indoors in the event of inclimate weather. I love to cook and it takes up a good chunk of time in the mornings and evenings as I enjoy preparing a big camping breakfast to start the day and a hardy dinner to end the day. Happy hour also tends to start a bit earlier when we're camping. Love sitting by the fire and star gazing at night enjoying a nice cold beer.

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