Boyd Lake State Park

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    Trip Details
    Campground: Boyd Lake State Park. 3720 N.County Rd. 11-C, Loveland, CO 80538
    Site: 006 [Pull-Through, 50amp Electric only]
    Dates: August 26th - August 29th, 2017
    Overview: The sunsets were probably the only good thing about this campground. Unless you are big into water sports, they have plenty of places for that. The campground is in the middle of 2 lakes, Boyd Lake and Horseshoe lake. You drive through a residential neighborhood to get to the campground which was a little odd. The campground itself is about an hour north of Denver but is right in the middle of the town, not very secluded. There is a daily entrance fee of $8/day you have to pay on top of your campsite fee. We were able to get the summer Military pass that they do every August, which waives the entrance fee. All the sites are pull through in the Cottonwood Campground. The levelness of each site varied but at least you were on an asphalt pad. We had to move the trailer around our site a bit before we found a good level spot to rest. Each site has a picnic table and a fire ring. You can only use local firewood but I'm not sure where you would get it other than out in town since they didn't have a camp store. The sites are fairly large with a designated dirt area around the table/fire pit and then grass surrounding that. There isn't a lot of shade though. Some sites have more shade than others, but ours had none. We were in the electric section and had 50 amp, 30 amp and two 20 amp outlets. The water spigots were scattered through the campground and there is one at the entrance to the park as we'll but none at the dump station. The water spigots were difficult to find one available for use because there were a lot of people who were running their hoses from their campers to the communal water spigot, which shouldn't be allowed. It took us a while before we found one that wasn't being used so we could fill up our water tank. There are multiple camp hosts scattered throughout the campground as well. Then there are the Rangers too who patrol the campground often and like to write up tickets over silly things. There are only 3 bathhouses and only one has a laundry facility in it. There is no soap dispenser in the bathroom so you need to remember to bring your own. You have to pay for the showers, and be sure to bring extra towels if you want some privacy because the shower stall doors have large gaps in them and no privacy curtains. The bathrooms and showers were very clean though. The campground did smell like trash and cows every so often which was unpleasant. Usually in the early morning and during the night. We had the windows open one night and had to close them because it smelled so bad. Dogs are allowed but must be on a 6’ leash at all times. They didn’t require any shot records for our dog. They have rules about alcohol too. Check in is at 1:00 PM and check out is at 12:00 PM.

    Maps and Brochures:
    CampgroundMap-2.jpg CampgroundMap.jpg
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    Best review of a campground I seen in awhile.

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