Brake wiring path on 08' Aliner Classic

Discussion in 'A-Frame PopUps' started by Golden Girl 64, Oct 5, 2021.

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    Jul 31, 2021
    Hello guys! The brake wires on my new-to-me 08 Aliner Classic go from plug, into camper (under bed) and then back out to the brakes. I don't know yet if they connect to anything inside b/c the inspection shop still has it. They want $400 to determine issue. Any idea why it would route in there? There's no power to them (actually NEVER activated although installed by original owner years ago) and I'm trying to determine if there is any reason why I can't just ask shop to run directly from plug to brakes.
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    May 31, 2018
    On my xampers the wires went to the breakaway switch on the toung, then directly to the brakes. So they do not power anything else. They do come off the battery. Have you determined if the problem is in the camper or in the TV? Pull the e brake and see if they actuate. You beed a charged battery for this and working e breake. Otherwise hook up another tv and test out the brakes with a diffrent known to work set up. It would not be good to rewire the camper if thats not the problem.
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    Can't say if Aliner is different but most manufacturers run the wires along or inside the frame.
    Shouldn't be an issue running new wires from brake away switch to the brakes along the frame rail.. install new wires in some plastic cable wrap the use clamps to attach to the frame rail.
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    Any mom and pop garage should be able to diagnose this. $400 is outragous. I am assuming, if you are accurate in description, they ran the 7 wire into the cabin then ran the brake wires out to the hubs.

    My brake wires are run long the frame then over to the brake hubs. I cant think of any mechanical reason to bring the wiring inside the cabin.

    Search the internet for a 7 way or Bargeman plug image to confirm you have one. Is your plug flat or round?
    Is there a junction box mounted on the tongue frame where an easy splice can be made directly to the brakes? Did anyone pull the brake hubs and examine the magnet wiring inside the hubs?

    Google break away switch image. Do you have one?

    Has anyone tested the TV receptacle to see that the TV is putting out a signal? Honda may sell you a vehicle with a towing package but they dont include the fuse that feeds the harness to the brake controller?
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