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Jul 6, 2013
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You can't say that definitively with a used trailer. I bought a trailer with a 4 way that had brakes...A previous owner bypassed the round plug and put on the flat. The trailer still had brakes. They just didnt work.
What you CAN say is , it does not have operational brakes. Francesca's trailer came from the factory with brakes on the axles. Someone may have clipped the 7-wire round, or 6-wire rectangular connector so they could connect their 4-pin TV. She should have brakes, they just won't work with a 4-pin - unless of course someone diverted a light line to a brake line - but WHY?

Grandpa Don

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Sep 5, 2018
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There is a lot of talk going on here. To some it may be confusing. There are a lot of variables to think about.
Franchesca, considering that you are fairly new at popups and related terminology (as we all once were), I would suggest that you take the camper to a shop that deals with such things. A Recreational Vehicle Dealer (RV) would bet a good place to go. I think most larger U-Haul dealers can install wiring and brake controllers as well. They probably sell the items you would need, but sometimes at a higher price. is a great place to purchase anything related to trailers and campers. Their "How To" videos are great. I had to install brakes on my camper and install all of the wiring and a controller in my tow vehicle (TV) when I purchased both.