Bringing own firewood.

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    Most wood at the campground is too wet or dried/packaged the same as gas stations as you've observed. If a private campground says no outside wood they will likely check as they are counting on that extra revenue from the concessions. A state campground will go by the rules established by that state. In my experience most don't check. One I go to doesn't check hard but are a bit more nosy than the rest so I set out the decoy bundles and bring out only a few pieces of mine at a time as a precaution. As you are pulling in take a look at the other campsites and if the wood is laying out freely you likely won't have a problem. If everyone has the orange fishnet bundles by the pit follow suit.
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    I goto one private CG that the owner has mentioned The Laws & stated that I need a receipt for the wood I had if the Ranger showed up but he let me burn what I had out. I bought this wood a mile from his CG from a a pile on the side of the road with a sign saying to put the money in the cash box on the Tree. That box has been there so long that it is encased in said tree! So no receipt! Now I fill 2 barrels with the same wood & buy 2 bundles from the owner to make him feel better. As for the leftovers if there is any I will give it away to someone just to see them smile.
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    I usually bring enough wood to get me through the first night, then will buy what I need from the campground I’m staying at. Last summer I had had to use a propane fire pit for most of the summer due to so many fire bans.

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