Broken Bow RV Park, Escalante, UT.

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    This is a privately owned and operated “park” in the town of Escalante. (Address is 495 West Main Street, which is also UT 12. Telephone is 435-826-4959 or 888-241-8785.) It takes reservations and is FCFS for any available sites. It has 31 pull-through RV sites, 17 with 50-amp service and 14 with 30-amp service. I had #19, a 30-amp site. These sites are arranged in two parallel rows on the long, narrow lot. All RV sites also have water and sewer. The cost for a 30-amp site is $31.32 per night after taxes. The park also has three small cabins and some tent sites along the eastern edge of the property. There is a trash facility and a separate building for laundry, flush toilets and showers. The laundry is coin-operated but the showers are free to guests. This building is the highlight of the facility. It is large and clean. The park also supplies free wi-fi which worked very well. Contrary to most of the places I camp, my Verizon cell phone worked there.

    The sites are small and tightly-packed. I had to squeeze my truck within a few inches of the trailer on one side and a small rail fence (site divider) on the other. Privacy is non-existent. The grounds are uneven and mostly dirt with a bit of gravel scattered here and there. Except for a few tiny saplings and intermittent larger trees there is no vegetation on the lot. There are some big trees along the perimeter. A busy street parallels the grounds on one side and seemed to be a favorite of the locals as many pickups roared along it late into the night. A board fence along that side of the property is propped up by several long planks staked into the ground. The place was full on my first night there but not on the other two nights.

    Pets are allowed but must be leashed. Generators are forbidden. The speed limit is 5 mph. Quiet time is 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM and the laundry is closed during that time as well. Fires are allowed only in fire rings. Only the tent sites had tables or fire rings. The flyer said that people in other sites could get a picnic table if they wanted one but I don’t know where you’d put it since the sites are so small.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, I chose this facility as a last resort. The Escalante National Monument CG at Calf Creek east of town was full and the nearby state park west of town had only a couple of sites available for one just night each. I wanted to stay at least three nights to explore the area. I did not take any photographs of my campsite at Broken Bow.

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