Buena Vista CG, Cape May County

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    Jun 25, 2012
    We finally had a chance to get out this summer and did a weekend trip to Buena Vista CG in Cape May County and it was a nice and quiet weekend . The staff there was very friendly and even stopped by a few times to insure everything was alright. The sites were huge and we had plenty of space between us and our neighbors. The pool looks brand new with a new kiddie pool right next to it. I do have to say the CG had an issue with disclosing the status of the cg when we made reservations. We were informed by previous campers that there is a floating fun zone in the lake, a large water slide and some other amenities that once we arrived we discovered had been destroyed by straight line winds back in June. The cg lost over 250 trees due to the storm so that my shade site was now full sun. They did move us to two shade sites once I asked. Many of the damaged trees are still partially standing and there is piles of cut wood everywhere. Benefit to this was we never paid a dime for fire wood all weekend. I do suggest you bring your own pool umbrella as they were also destroyed during the storm and the cg has yet to purchase new. If you are going with kids for the attractions, which I'm sure are nice when working, you may want to ask if they are repaired and operating first.

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