Bungee washer under bunk ends

2nd Honeymoon

Apr 25, 2018
Central IL
Sometimes you have to just use common sense and go to the PopUp Portal for help in the first place! I've been looking all over online for nearly an hour, scouring every PopUp site online and none of them had this part. Even worse, I couldn't figure out what to call it! So I finally caved, went back to the PPP and did a search and within 5 minutes, I found what I needed and at a very affordable price! I placed an order and they're on their way. Of course, shipping and handling cost more than the product itself, but that's not their fault.

Jim Keeling

Jul 22, 2021
Georgetown, Tx
I'm missing a few of these and would like to order some. What are they called?


They look like washers with a flare. ??