Bunk door leakage

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    I looked at a front bunk door the other day that had wetness at its lower edge.
    This what I found and think corrected
    The large hinge has open spots for the water to drain thru. If you take a wire like a coat hanger and slide it sideways thru the barrel of the hinge it maybe clogged preventing drainage.
    Second this bunk door had one tiny drain/weep hole of the frame bottom. Any moisture that gets into the door has no place to go. I carefully added four larger drain holes. Replaced the rusty hinge screws and screws for the interior vinyl hinge seal with stainless.
    The last thing I did was add a half inch plastic gutter “j molding” along the area above the hinge. A lot of water runs down the front slope of a hybrid. It think this will help. I told the camper to stop by on a weekend after a heavy rain and I would look at it again but he said he knew what to look for now. Hope it helps

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