Bunk End Hinges?

Discussion in 'Camper Restoration Projects' started by Flipped in NH, May 28, 2019.

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    Hi All,
    I believe we are the only Jayco Flipper (1974) owners on this site, so my question isn't really Make/Model specific but more general. The PUP door is at the rear with the bedends out to the sides.

    Our Flipper's PO had replaced the bunk ends with plywood. Not a problem except they aren't actually attached to the camper itself except for a wooden cleat he put on the bed end that hangs over the frame of the camper box. That and the bunk end supports underneath are all that hold it onto the camper. For obvious reasons, we would like something a bit more stable. :wink:

    We can't use slides because the top of the kitchen area is even with the top of the camper box. The beds fit inside the box in front of the kitchen on two aluminum support beams which are in front of the kitchen and in front of the door.

    Currently, we just lift the plywood bed ends onto the supports (one on top of the other). They fit great so I feel like that may have been original but who knows. Anyway, we "think" the original bed ends maybe were hinged to the camper frame and flipped over onto the supports. We have enough height so that could work but we would really like to see a photo of a similar setup.

    Anyone have photos to share that sound sort of like what I'm describing?
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