Bunk seal replacement.

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    Your wish is my command. IMG_0879.JPG
    I took an old piece to my local dealer and he looks through his parts catalogs and came up with this. He had only a small piece in stock, but it matched up perfectly. So I copied down the part number and ordered it on line at a third of the dealer price.
    When you install this it has a glue already on it ........ but if you want it to stay, glue the side of the weatherstrip to the frame with 3M automotive weatherstrip adhesive. When you close the bunks the bunk base want to roll the weatherstrip with it tearing it off if unglued.
    Other than that .... I know nothing ....

    Be the way ...... sometimes you have better luck getting answers starting a new post instead of adding to an old one.
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    Very helpful thank you , I’m going to source that AP product thanks

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