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    Hey all I remembered reading a post before that mentioned when you buy something online at certain stores you can help out popupportal by mentioning it during the checkout or something. What online stores help support popupportal and how exactly can I help popupportal when i buy online at those stores? Buying a pup also means buying alot of new items (little bit at a time of course...) I tried searching forums but I must not be searching the right key words. Thanks ahead of time.
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    Just our sponsors like PopUpMods (BedWedgies & Shorts), PopupGizmos, Bear Creek Canvas, and alike. Always mentioned PopUpPortal when purchasing from our sponsors, It helps us that they know their advertising dollars are well spent. And you never know, they may be having a good day and give you a little something extra.

    Also, I you find a camping product you like and think other may benefit form using it too, let the manufacturer know about PopUpPortal. We could always use more advertisers. It's not cheap to keep a website like this going.

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