Campers cancelling reservations


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Jul 5, 2021
Camping is cheap. when you figure $100-200 and up for a hotel room. A little extra gas isn't going to break the budget.
Exactly, and I tried telling that to my grown children when then they insisted that one of them accompany me on my trip this year. They booked a hotel room for $180. (+taxes and dog fees ($35 rent for each x2, deposit $200)) for two nights. I asked if they at least get a free breakfast. Oh no it's a buffet for$10.95 pp. So far five days, $227. for gas, $45 camp site for two days, I love my pup. Total for them $621.90 (I gave them half price that I paid for gas) their room, eats, 1/2 gas, dogs, deposits, for five days. Mine, gas, eats, dogs, room ((whole pup to myself), total drum roll)) $164.50 because I needed water for the dogs.