Camping and Mamatee interactions around Homosassa / Crystal River


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Aug 16, 2012
My wife loves manatees and we are taking a trip down to the homosassa springs area next week for her birthday. She has picked out a campground (I unfortunately don't recall which it is now because she changed her mind at the last minute) the last thing we need to really figure out is where we can go for her to get some really close one on one interactions with some manatee in the wild. She would rather go kayaking than swimming. Does anyone have any suggestions about great experiences with any of the tour groups down there?


Jul 19, 2012
its really the wrong time of year to have much luck with manatees here. that being said, i have never been on a guided trip so i cant speak first hand to their abilities/antics! i have been to american pro for snorkeling gear and they are HIGHLY recommened in that areana, if their guides are anything like their other employees then they would be great. check them out.


Oct 12, 2012
rent kayaks from Riversport and kayak about 45 minutes down to the park. Last week we had about 8 manatees all around our kayaks. Take your snorkel and fins you can swim with the manatees and you are only allowed to touch them with one hand and do not separate calves from mothers or chase. If you sit quietly they usually come to you.
Have a good time.