camping in the rain

Ben Wade

Aug 21, 2019
Ok so we're going to East harbor state park with our kids "5 and 8" in our popup this weekend for 4 days. It is supposed to really rain the whole time. 60-80% chance every day!

Couple of questions...

1. would you just not go period? Or would you go?

2. (this is a strange one) since it will probably be raining the whole time we most likely will not be able to have a fire too often or at least it will be harder to have one. So, would/could we possibly use our cast iron dutch oven under our canopy for a small, isolated fire for the kids (smores)? Like literally put the wood and firestarters in the dutch oven to have a little fire. Our only concern would be ruining the inside of the dutch oven. But that's about it....Has anyone done this or heard of this?

I think we're still going to go because it'll be an adventure. We might also just a hotel though [LOL]


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Oct 15, 2006
Dukes, Fl
Give it a try, camping in the rain can be lots of fun and very enjoyable. I never change my plans, (if i do the changes are usually worse that the initial idea) Good Luck and happy Camping


Jul 9, 2020
We are off for 4 days tomorrow to Harper's Ferry WV on our 2nd trip ever
60-80% chance of rain most days but then that's a 20-40% chance of no rain.
More board games and books than otherwise and hope it rains on and off.
Towards Tues/Wed we might be getting the remnants of the hurricane so expecting wet then
How windy before you all call it quits in a pop-up?

Ben Wade

Aug 21, 2019
Everyone! thanks for the replies! We are definitely going and giving it a shot! I read 50mph is the limit for popup wind camping, and even that's probably pretty scary but Idk. We've never had bad winds so far.


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May 31, 2018
Everyone! thanks for the replies! We are definitely going and giving it a shot! I read 50mph is the limit for popup wind camping, and even that's probably pretty scary but Idk. We've never had bad winds so far.
There stronger then they look. Lol.


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May 28, 2018
Get some cheap rain ponchos for the kids, bring extra towels and clothes. There is something wonderful about walking through the woods after a rain - even if the dry spell lasts only 30 minutes.

Smores - use the campstove as mentioned above.

Embrace the weather and don't worry about it.


Sep 6, 2018
When reenacting we’ve had fires that were mostly floating. One can get a campfire started in the rain, just have a goodly supply of wood to, keep it burning enough to stay dry. Use plenty of old wax candles to get it started.


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Aug 8, 2015
I don’t mind camping in the rain.What I do mind is setting up and tearing down in the rain. If I had a trip that had a good potential of rain on arrival and departure, I would retool my loadout and meals to favor quick setup/packing. I have had to pack up in the rain with a fair amount of gear, and it sucks. However, for me I get the most enjoyment out of camping when I do bring the kitchen sink, so to speak. I enjoy it much less when I don’t have my full outside kitchen setup, or shelving inside and extra storage/organization for clothes and gear. Around here I am more the anamoly than the norm in that respect though.

If you don’t bring enough gear to outfit a scout troop and feed them, then you will probably be fine!


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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
I will just add that I’ve roasted marshmallows over the stove and even regular candles. At home I used my Little Smokey joe charcoal Grill as a fire pit. I personally wouldn’t want to use my Dutch oven as a fire pit, then again I’m very particular with mine. One of my most memorable trips was when it poured for three days straight. Then again it was just me and my dogs. I went hiking and saw waterfalls I normally wouldn’t see on a nice day. The trails that would normally have been crazy busy had only a few others on it. I personally own a rain suit so I was nice and dry. Rain ponchos are Decent but worthless in the wind.
Now what I really hate about rain is closing up in it and if it’s going to be storming with wind you will have to probably put your awning away. Which is a huge pain when the camper is all set up. My little sidekick HATES the rain and Mud and refuses to step foot outside if it’s raining. So if your kids are like that it may not be as fun for them. I grew up playing outside in all kinds of weather so rain doesn’t faze me. If you camp with water hookups and your camper doesn’t have an outside shower I would buy a y adapter for the spickot so you can add a separate hose to wash dirty body’s before going into the camper.


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Jun 26, 2020
Lancaster PA
The week prior to July 4th this year we were camping and it rained a few times. My 3 kids went out and rode their bikes all over in it and had a great time. They did that as long as there was no thunder or lightning anyway. Like said above, puzzles, books, board games, and crafts are always good to have along. We have a cabinet just for those things abd it's usually overflowing.
I would never build a fire inside my dutch ovens...I take really good care of them so that would be quite the opposite. A charcoal chimney would be a great option. We have a small galvanized bucket (@3/4 gallon size?) That we've made little fires in just under the edge of the canopy just for smores in the rain. I drilled a few holes in the bottom and sides for air flow. Wish I'd have thought about the chimney before I got the bucket since I already had that lol.


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May 14, 2015
Edmonton, AB
You can have a propane campfire during a fire ban usually though! (We have one from when every whiff of wood smoke gave a kid an asthma attack.)
....and no headache of wet wood or flare-up.....I've used mine under my canopy for granddaughters s'mores during wet weather.


Jul 12, 2020
Denver, Colorado, USA
We took our poo up camping in March near Pueblo, Colorado. We just had the itch and wanted to get out. It was in the 30's and 40's (Fahrenheit) and the wind was gusting to 50-60 mph. It wasn't terrible. It was loud and the camper shook. But we played cards and ran the furnace along with a small electric heater. Obviously, we were in an RV park at that time of year. I wouldn't want to do it often but it is a fun memory for my wife and I.