Camping products for the heavier among us...


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Mar 30, 2019
Lake Placid, NY
I just doubled back and saw you mentioned your trailer is a 2012 Rockwood A Frame. The issue is with the plastic bin thing, that very often with these trailers, the plastic parts are rarely if ever available as service parts. They just kind of make them, kick them out the door, and forget about them. You might get lucky and find one on the used market from a trailer that rotted out already, or maybe one that got hit and totalled, but that would require a trip to an RV wrecking yard, I do not know of any in your area, you'd have to look. Plus the remaining issue of plastics and UV stability, which is next to zero most of the time. Trailers are exposed to a TON of ultraviolet light that deteriorates plastics pretty quickly. Although these storage boxes SHOULD in theory be fairly well protected from that, not always the case...

A wooden drawer, painted with marine enamel and properly maintained should be sufficiently water tight, and enjoy a long service life. I don't know how you are classifying senior, but AARP has been after me to join for a while now, but I am not eligible for Social Security yet... And honestly, with proper build and maintenance I would expect a proper plywood box would likely outlive me. An uncoated, improperly made plywood box on the other hand probably won't make it 5 years... Absoluetely be certain that the box is painted / treated with Marine finishes. They cost more, but are well worth it.
Thank you for your help. The milk crates are sounding pretty good! Yes, we are seniors, members of the AARP for a long time and nana is pretty into the camping thing. We were in the aframe oncecafter purchasing last September but had a popup before. Still learning about the aframe though,