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    Today we drove out to Bass Lake Resort in Parish, NY for their open house. They are part of Travel Resorts of America. It was a really nice presentation and they were not overly pushy about selling us a membership. They have 7 different resorts to camp at, 3 in Ohio, 1 in Gettysburg Pa., 1 near Raleigh NC, 1 in Georgia, and of course the one in Parish NY. If we had the money (there were different levels) we would have considered it since most of the resorts are within our camping circle (the distance we will drive with our camper). Once you pay the up front membership fee (which can be financed) you can camp at any resort in your package for free. The membership is also generational. I have to say I was impressed by the lack of sales pressure. We also got a $50 visa card and 4 days/3 nights free at the resort. It took 2 hours but it didn't seem that long. All in all not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Happy Easter!

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